My Top 20 Milwaukee Area Activities

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Wine, live music, summer nights, and friends. A few things many people enjoy and all of them are encompassed in Milwaukee’s Jazz in the Park on Thursday evenings in the summer. So it makes perfect sense why it’s hard to find an open spot to lay your blanket down every week! The atmosphere is so laid-back, the food is delectable, and the music is incredibly upbeat, it is impossible to not have a great time! Jazz in the Park is just one of my favorite activities in Milwaukee. I’m sure majority of people wouldn’t expect a city in Wisconsin to have so much to offer, but the M-K-E sure has a lot of things that make it unique!


1. Jazz in the Park

Explained above 🙂

2. Milwaukee Art Museum

I think I love this place so much because the building itself is beautiful and inside there is a gorgeous view of the lake! Also, there’s free admission the first Thursday of every month!

3. Running by the lakefront

Our Lakefront, although sometimes smelly, is a really beautiful place. Nothing clears the mind like a run with a captivating view (maybe that’s just my opinion). And maybe running by the lakefront is a little vague. Truly I love the entire Milwaukee running community in general. There’s tons of races to do around here and I’ve heard of everything from the Burrito 5k to the Cowboy Run!

4. Clear : chocolate bar

Yes, you read that correctly. The words “chocolate” and “bar” combined to make the perfect place to go with your best friend. A place where no one will judge you for how much chocolate you decide to eat, or for your constant sighs of satisfaction with each bite. I would imagine it’s kind of like heaven,

5.  Ice skating at Red Arrow Park

Christmastime just wouldn’t be the same without outdoor ice skating! No matter how many times my hands have been numb, my nose won’t stop running, or I’ve fallen on my tush, I have to go back each year to get in the holiday spirit. Plus it’s not so bad once you’ve warmed up with a hot chocolate afterwards 🙂

6. Colectivo on the lake

Everyone in Milwaukee does it! I drive past this Milwaukee River Flushing Station turned coffee shop almost everyday and there’s always people sitting outside enjoying their food and drinks, some live music, or just the perfect lakefront view. The atmosphere here is unlike anywhere else!

7. Atwater Park

This is one of my favorite places to go to just relax, walk around, or read a book. It’s so peaceful in the mornings and bonus it’s only a five minute walk from my house

8. Shorewood

For someone like me who loves upcycling furniture, eating out, and shopping, I’m lucky I live in Shorewood. I’m just blocks away from great thrift and consignment shops (Another Look,  Chattel ChangersSwanky Seconds) and yummy places to eat like Nana Sushi, Yo Mama Froyo, and North Star Bistro.

9. Edelweiss River Cruise

One of Milwaukee’s greatest features is being near water. The Edelweiss cruise involves great food and beautiful views. It’s neat to see the city from the outside looking in when you get out to the lake. Overall, it’s just a fun and relaxing time.

10. The Third Ward

Visit this area in the morning for a coffee or spa date. Spend the afternoon at some of the amazing shops like Luci BoutiqueAnthropologie, and Shoo. Have dinner at some of the best restaurants around and most with a riverfront view to top it off. Yes, I think I’d like to spend an entire day in the Third Ward!

11. Leon’s Custard

Sadly, if you’re not from around Milwaukee you may not even know what custard is. To keep it simple, it’s an even unhealthier version of ice cream. And it’s delicious. And I promise you Leon’s has THEE BEST. If you’re visiting Milwaukee and only have time to do one thing on this list, go to Leon’s.

12. Discovery World

I’d describe Discovery World as a hands-on museum. That doesn’t mean you have to be a kid to have a blast here! Some of my favorite parts are the bed of needles, the stingray pool, and the city of freshwater exhibit.

13. Milwaukee County Zoo

Our zoo offers sunset zoofaris in the summer and a variety of family friendly events. But my favorite part is Zoo a la Carte. For a weekend in August each year, the zoo turns into a festival with local food vendors and live bands on numerous stages. Who wouldn’t want to eat a baked potato, drink a beer, and watch the monkeys pick at each other’s armpits? Just plain awesome.

14. Comedy Sportz

If you like to laugh and drink, this place is for you (AKA everyone). Also, it has nothing to do with sports, just comedy!

15. Milwaukee Public Market

Imagine a fish market, a wine shop, chocolatiers, a coffee shop, cooking classes, a bakery, a Mexican restaurant, a flower shop, and a creamery all under one roof and you’ve got the Milwaukee Public Market (Did I leave anything out?).

16. Free yoga classes

Free is always a good thing and even better when it’s referring to yoga! Every Saturday morning in the summer our outdoor Bayshore Mall hosts “Yoga in the Square” and our Lululemon in the Third Ward hosts a class in their store. Both are an hour long aaaand you get to shop afterwards!

17. Pedal Tavern

Here in Milwaukee we like to drink. Well, not necessarily me, but the rest of the city sure does. So what do we do? Create a bar on a bike for 16 people. That’s essentially what the pedal tavern is and it’s a hell of a good time!

18. Breast Cancer Showhouse

Who wouldn’t want to go look at a big, beautiful mansion to raise money for charity? I mean come on… these houses are incredible!

18. Bloody Marys

If you haven’t been to Wisconsin then you haven’t had a real bloody mary. I promise you. Milwaukee restaurants come up with the craziest and most amazing concoctions for this drink with absolutely no limit to the garnishes they use! From shrimp, cheese, and sausage to practically a whole hamburger! Some of my favorites are Cafe BeneluxCamp, and AJ Bombers

19. Miller Park Stadium

Sure almost every state has their own MLB stadium. But does yours have nachos served in a helmet, a retractable roof, foot long hot dogs, a mascot who goes down a giant slide for each home-run, secret stadium sauce, The Diamond Dancers, or racing sausages? I think not.

20. Gourmet Cupcakes

Gourmet cupcakes are getting crazy-popular throughout the country. However, I could probably name 10 different shops in just Milwaukee. They are everywhere, which is great in case I’m ever in desperate need of a beer flavored cupcake…I shouldn’t have to worry. Grace and Shelly’sMilwaukee Cupcake Company, and Miss Cupcake are my favorites 🙂